Riverlake Barging participates in Mercy Ships – Cargo Day 2017!


This year Riverlake will participate in Mercy Ships – Cargo Day again.


Barges for sale


We currently have one tank barge for sale in our portfolio.


Market Intelligence

Our brokers are in daily touch with the inland barge market. We collect a vast amount of market intelligence on a daily basis, which we are happy to share with our clients in our Riverlake Daily Barge Report! This report contains eight transport routes for which we publish our daily freight estimate. Furthermore we give the latest information on factors moving the barge market. Our daily barge report is highly appreciated by many subscribers and gives you the right information to make sound commercial decisions!

You can subscribe to a one month trial period of the Riverlake Daily Barge Report. The costs for receiving our daily barge report after the trial period are available on request.

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Updated 20.02.2018



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