Riverlake is hiring in Oman – EPC construction, Oil & Gas.


We now have a client side construction management opportunity based in Oman. You have a track record in the control of the EPC construction, Oil & Gas.

Your background is mechanical, preferably with Oil Storage Tank construction experience.

The position is to be filled immediately. If you think this can match your qualifications, please contact us via email only jager@riverlakesolutions.com so that we can process your file.

The Middle East branch of Riverlake is established in Oman since 2015. We provide high quality project management services for on & offshore terminal development and maritime operations Riverlake: it’s three skills.

Project Management, Brokerage & Intelligence

Riverlake coordinates and supervises the engineering of Rubis Terminal in Rotterdam


The Rubis terminal in Rotterdam is a state of the art terminal for storing chemicals and oil products and is expanding. The new tanks already premanufactured in the Northern part of the Netherlands are transported by towed barges and brought on site.

Riverlake coordinates and supervises the engineering of this development.

Our team of super qualified engineers provides high quality project management services for on-and offshore terminal development and maritime operations.


Marlon Van Baarlen joins Riverlake Rotterdam based barging team


We are pleased to announce in the continuity of the previous news we shared with you, that Riverlake strengthens its barging team in Rotterdam with a new employee. Marlon Van Baarlen completed various internships in logistics companies.

His job will be to work on operations, an area that is so key to the success of our business.

The increase in activity that should continue led us to create this position and thus, the company continues to sharpen its operating model. If you wish to know more, please contact Jelle Vreeman+31 10 4364921 or Francois Can +41 22 9067958 The Barging Team is specialized in inland barge brokerage. Based in Rotterdam, our core business is to provide an independent and transparent barge brokerage activity for mineral oils, chemicals, gas and edible oils to producers and traders.

The team is known for releasing two leading market indices that over the years have made it the benchmark in the barge industry, the Riverlake Barging Index – Ara (RBI-ARA®) and the Riverlake Barging Index – Rhine (RBI-RHINE®).

Save the date ! 6 November 2019


Mercy Ships hopes market magic will boost Cargo Day.

Fundraisers are hoping a seasonal upswing in the tanker markets will boost this year’s donations to the $1m mark. Mercy Ships Cargo Day has been switched from 2 October to 6 November as organisers chase $1m in donations. Since it started three years ago, the annual fundraising event has been staged in early October. But with $1m within its sights, the organising committee in Geneva hopes to benefit from a seasonal upswing in the tanker markets by moving the date.

The event has raised almost $2m since it was launched: $314,000 in 2016; $673,000 in 2017; and $860,000 last year. Charterers can pledge cargoes to participating shipbrokers, port agents and inspection companies, who donate 50% of their commission to Mercy Ships. Charterers and shipowners can also pledge donations. All the money raised is used to support Mercy Ships’ medical programme in Africa, where the world’s largest civilian hospital ship, the Africa Mercy, is based.

About 2.5 million people are said to have benefited directly from the organisation’s free medical care. Some 450 surgeons, nurses, catering, administration and other staff work onboard as volunteers.

(Geoff Garfield – Tradewinds)

Riverlake backbone


Riverlake has steadily diversified its shipping business to provide its clients with a meticulous, complete & global service. Tanker, Barge, offshore & Dry cargo brokering form the backbone of Riverlake shipping activities with offices in Geneva, London, Lagos & Rotterdam.

Our brokers based in Geneva monitor all wet cargoes covering all spectrums of the market, while London focuses on the dry market working with traders/mine owners and owners/operators. Lagos handles both wet and dry stems with a special focus on Africa. The brokers’ team in Rotterdam runs inland barge brokerage, mostly European waterways and offshore activities. Riverlake’s sale & purchase department is built up of experienced specialists, whose main purpose is strategic buying and selling. We help to plan the delivery of vessels to scrap and have established strong relations with banks and financing institutions.

Our operations department is manned by skilled and highly motivated staff with years of experience, committed to providing customers with premium services and ready to respond to any kind of situation ranging from normal post-fixture operations to emergency response.

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It might be boring


It might be boring to tell stories about Peanuts and Monkeys.

But still we see lots of mistakes being made at the conceptual, commercial phase of a terminal project that later results in huge extra investment costs and worse, unrepairable inefficiencies in 100 million dollar projects.

Do not let it happen ! Contact riverlake and let’s talk about your plans, and where our experience can help you!

Riverlake business model is structured around three major skills; Project Development, Brokerage & Intelligence. We help build terminals and everything around it and are well known in this field. Riverlake has a team of super qualified engineers with commercial and operational experience to assist you.


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