Riverlake is hiring in Oman – EPC construction, Oil & Gas.


We now have a client side construction management opportunity based in Oman. You have a track record in the control of the EPC construction, Oil & Gas.

Your background is mechanical, preferably with Oil Storage Tank construction experience.

The position is to be filled immediately. If you think this can match your qualifications, please contact us via email only jager@riverlakesolutions.com so that we can process your file.

The Middle East branch of Riverlake is established in Oman since 2015. We provide high quality project management services for on & offshore terminal development and maritime operations Riverlake: it’s three skills.

Project Management, Brokerage & Intelligence

Riverlake coordinates and supervises the engineering of Rubis Terminal in Rotterdam


The Rubis terminal in Rotterdam is a state of the art terminal for storing chemicals and oil products and is expanding. The new tanks already premanufactured in the Northern part of the Netherlands are transported by towed barges and brought on site.

Riverlake coordinates and supervises the engineering of this development.

Our team of super qualified engineers provides high quality project management services for on-and offshore terminal development and maritime operations.

Riverlake Barging launches an all new Daily Barge Report

To receive the new Riverlake Barging daily barge report you can sign up for a one month trial by sending us an e-mail.

It contains our freight estimates on 8 selected routes for the ARA-range and Rhine, waterlevels and latest bunker reference prices, represented in numbers and graphs. Every day we collect the latest market information and include this in our report. You will receive it every working day before 10:00 hrs in your mailbox.

At year end we send our subscribers (on request) an excel sheet with the daily freight evolution for the selected routes, enabling them to use our data for their own statistics.

Fee for the daily barge report is available on request.


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Updated 27.05.2020



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