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It is with regret we have to announce that Quirijn Bol, director of Riverlake Barging, has decided to leave our company to pursue new challenges.


Riverlake Barging participates in Mercy Ships – Cargo Day 2017!


This year Riverlake will participate in Mercy Ships – Cargo Day again.


2nd European Oil Barge Conference

Riverlake Barging takes part in the 2nd European Oil Barge Conference in Rotterdam

During the 2nd European Oil Barge conference organised by Asdem in Rotterdam on 15-16 May 2014, Quirijn Bol from Riverlake Barging  presented a paper on ‘The Potential for Pooling Agreements between Barge Owners’. Pools are very common in the deep sea tanker market and Quirijn suggested that this could be replicated in the Barge Market if it is organised properly. Some of the advantages of a well organised pool are that it would lead to quicker decision making, enable more efficient voyage planning and spread the risk of the less profitable voyages. In case you are interested to discuss the pooling concept in further detail, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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